Yoga is..

Today, Yoga is…

The understanding of silence.

I’ve begun to realize that you can listen to silence and learn from it. It has a quality and a dimension all of its own; with every pregnant pause, infinite gestation of possibilities arise in the space-mind of thought. As we transmute from breathe to breathe adjusting, aligning and finding the equilibrium in the Asana sequence; the power of silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute as it has a really loud voice. There seems to be an awareness that exists beyond words and allows our direct experience to be completely fresh, nourished. The more attuned we are to this awareness, the more quickly language and thought are analyzed for their usefulness and released implosively, leading up to the natural or perhaps inherent state of flow. Which helps us to submerge into the mystic depths of our heart, and to fully enjoy its oceanic tranquility. Mysterious and euphoric, amidst the flow of thought, inspired by the rhythm of action; the cascading motion of Asanas metamorphosizes silence into undulated poetry of the human body. Somehow, silence significantly coordinates the physical, mental and astral faculties to such an extent that every particle moves in one rhythm. What is it about the pacing of breaths, that the mind resolves to dissolving all states of static? In-volution is the “land that Darwin supposedly forgot”. When we really listen to our bodies, Yoga shows us that the body is just a reflection of our inner space, our fears, anxieties, celebrations and sensations.

Today Yoga is an art and a science with which we can leap over the pitfalls of life.. It is an experience, knowledge, and practice; where the union of mind body and spirit is connected to infinite intelligence and where silence seems to pave the highway to “Airport Nirvana.”

As some wise dude, once said; muddy water, let still, becomes clear.




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