Yoga Intermediate class plan 2 (75 minutes)

1. Kapalabhati. 20times 3 rounds
2. Tadasana. Take deep10 ujjayi breaths.
3. Inhale arms up exhale uttanasana. Inhale half way up exhale bring right leg back, come up to high launch. Both arms up and bring them back opening shoulders in each inhalation, sink down from the hips in each exhalation. Breathe five times here. Bring arms down come to plank, knee chest chin down and cobra and downward facing dog.
Adjust legs moving back and forth.
Bring right leg in front between hands and come up to high launch. In each inhalation bring shoulders back open chest, and each exhalation go down deeper.
5 breaths. Bring arms down and left leg in front inhale half way up, exhale samasthiti. Left side. Both arms up, exhale down. Inhale half way up, exhale left leg back. Inhale come up to high launch. Breathe 5 times. Bring hands down come to plank, knee chest chin down and cobra and downward facing dog. Bring left foot in front between the hands, inhale come to high launch. 5 breaths. Inhale arms down and exhale bring right leg in front inhale half way up exhale samastithi. Repeat 4 more rounds. For last 3 rounds, change knee, chest chin down movement to chataranga dandasana and cobra to upward facing dog.
4. Open legs little wider than hip width facing to right side. Inhale bring both arms up and stretch to straighten spine. Exhale slowly bend upper body forward vertical to the floor. Keep stretching arms and both side of the body keeping spine straight. Also feel back side of leg stretching. Breathe. (10 counts) Inhale slowly come up. Repeat.
5. Prasarita padottanasana C. Hold for 20 counts. Repeat.
6. Parsvottanasana. Hold 20 counts, each side. Repeat.
7. Back to downdog, hold for 5 breaths. 20 push-ups from chataranga to plank. 2 times.
8. Child’s pose.
9. Downdog, bring right leg outside right hand, left knee down and place hands on finger tips beside the body. Point right toes up, straighten knee and slide foot toward right sideway front. Try to straighten left leg and body up. Support weight with fingers. Hold 20 counts. Slowly release and d the opposite side.
10. Downdog, plank, bring forearms down and interlace fingers. From dolphin to shift forward to touch chin on the floor. Repeat 10 times. 2 rounds.
11. Child pose.
12. Come to downward facing dog. Bring feet together inhale right leg up hip square raise as high as possible. Hold. Bend right knee open pelvic bringing right foot closer to hip. Look right arm pit. Extend right leg and hold. Bring back to center and bring it to outside of right hand. Bing right shoulder under the right arm pit. Bend elbows, shift body weight toward front and straighten both legs. Look toward left side and keep straightening legs. Both feet are dorsi flexed and engaged. If possible back leg up. Keep body weight in front to keep balance. Hold. Push hands on the ground and bring right leg back to chataranga, inhale upward exhale downward. 5 breaths. Left side.
13. Lie down on the back and hug knees. Move side to side. Roll back and forth. Squeeze knees toward chest and head up nose to knees. Hold 10 counts.
14. Release and bring knees out soles together for badha konasana. Hold feet head up and bring feet closer to face. Hold. (10 counts)
15. Hug knees tightly again inhale head up nose to knee.
Release. Savasana.

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