Yoga Instructors

Each day I had a different yoga instructor, I enjoyed the variety. On the other hand, my friend who joined the yoga classes with me, stuck with the same instructors each week, which then limited the amount of times of week she would go. But, that was her prerogative. At this particular studio, the yoga classes weren’t named specific to the class, it was just called ‘Hatha Yoga’ or ‘Vinyasa Flow’ so you never knew what kind of class you were going to get, you just knew what type of instructors you were going to get once you went a few times. My friend would only go to certain instructors and it would make me laugh because I would enjoy listening to her reasoning. This just shows you that it’s very hard to please every student that walks into your class. However, I truly enjoyed each one of them. They were all so different in their styles and their way of teaching. 

Instructors that are were all about alignment. Each pose that we would get into would be corrected from head to toe. Some instructors can come off as a bit too straight forward in this style of teaching, some don’t have any ‘fluff’ words in their practice since they enter straight into the pose and care more about the alignment then the workout. And also tell you the reasoning as to why it’s incorrect and how it can harm you in the long run. There wasn’t much ‘flow’ to this style of teaching, (unless it was to heat up body) however, I usually felt more sore the next day from these instructors than any other instructors. Plus, this kind of style of teaching taught me everything I needed to know about the basic poses. We also practiced preparations for headstands and handstands. My friend didn’t enjoy the wall practices and alignments much because she felt as if it wasn’t much of an exercise or that it was ‘boring’, although the students that wanted to learn these types of poses enjoyed it very much. My friend enjoyed the fast paced flow, pilates style yoga which brings me to instructor B. 

Instructors with some flow. These types of classes had many males in the class because you could feel the result immediately. It was a lot of cardio, a lot of shoulder and core work. The main focus in these classes was the intensity of the workout, these classes didn’t have the time to correct the poses or to correct the alignments. However, the shavasana in these classes were the best, as there was a lot of cardio. 

Instructors with a relaxed and calming sequence.  These classes still made me sweat, but it was a slower pace, the voice is relaxed, and is was probably catered to a beginners type class. However, I still enjoyed going to these classes because it was a completely different perspective of movements and breathing. These classes also had more breathing techniques before, during, and after class. I typically liked using blocks, blankets, and straps during this class in order to learn how the modifications felt. I actually looked forward going to these types of classes, it’s what you as the student make of the class. 

Instructors with some fire in their personalities. These classes are always intense but you will be able to push your body to limits you didn’t think was possible. These instructors have A LOT of energy and are typically loud to keep you motivated. I don’t think I would be able to practice these types of classes alone unless I had an loud instructor pushing me to do so which is why I always enjoyed these type of classes and instructors. A lot of males in these types of classes as well. 


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