How does Yoga influence me in different ways …

1.       Physical impact:

I have done Yoga since almost one year and before I did a lot of cycling, hiking, jogging. A lot of sports which improved my endurance and strengthening but my inflexibility was increasing constantly. When I lend forward and bended my hip, my fingers reached half way of my lower legs. I couldn’t manage a proper tailor seat as it was quite uncomfortable and painful in my hips, gluteal muscles as well as in my spine. It was just too much bending and my pelvis was too stiff. Sometimes, my knees were hurting as the pressure was too high. Maybe also because of a skiing accident but who knows…? I think that all comes from a life without stretching and only strengthening and endurance. After Yoga, I feel taller, my walk is upright and my shoulders are in better position. The feeling is great – relaxed, happy, healthy and powerful.  In the last year, I increased my flexibility quite a lot but especially in the last 3 weeks, I got so much flexibility in all muscles – I’m surprised by myself. My posture improved naturally without thinking about it all the time. In the morning, I feel I’m also having more flexibility and I don’t need so much time to get going when I do my exercises. I will see If Yoga is also reducing my casual knee pain as I will anyway continue to practise Yoga.

During practising Yoga, you learn a lot about your body. You will learn what you can do and which poses are difficult for you. I always thought to have power in my abs or hip flexor because I do a lot of sport but that was a misbelief. Yoga shows you a lot of your weaknesses and strengths.

2.       Mental impact:

I’ve thought it’s easy for me to relax but it’s quite difficult for me to do not think about anything – just to relax. All meditation sessions were painful and I was so exhausted and tired afterwards. But I thought all the time what I can do and what I have to do so I couldn’t get calm, patient and relaxed. Maybe that’s I reason why I was impatient in the past and why I’m a perfectionist. Doing nothing or thinking about nothing was always a waste of time for me. Yoga taught me to focus on myself because it’s my body, my mind and my life. I have to take care about it.

In comparison to meditation, Asanas doesn’t allow you to think about other things. You have to bring your focus on yourself as otherwise it isn’t possible to do some balanced poses. The concentration to tense a lot of different muscles clears your mind. Maybe that’s the reason why I prefer Asanas compared to meditation. During the Asanas I have to work with my body and my mind switches off automatically.

3.       Attitude:

You read, you watch and you hear a lot of different information about health and healthy food. In general, I would say that I eat healthy and consciously. Yoga reduces effectively my ravenous appetite. I don’t think about sweets or what I can eat today.

The attitude and teaching of yoga was quite interesting for me. The 3 Gunas of Yoga – Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic or the 3 types of Doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha haven’t been something new at all for me. Everybody knows that convenience products, preservatives and too much sugar isn’t healthy at all. To follow some of these attitudes reduces my ravenous appetite and I see that less food gives me enough power, it just has to be the right one. I haven’t a desire for sweets, chips or something like that.

All in all, with Yoga I feel more relaxed, I have power and my mood is better. That’s why I will for sure continue with Yoda 😊

Sylvana F./YTT Jan. 2018

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