Yoga in my mind

I keep thinking and finding for this question for quite a long time, but the only reason I would like to say is that I like it, and as day by day practise, I love it.

There are thousands reasons to do one time and millions reasons to not do one thing, just as you wish, but to do a thing by no reason that is love. And love can be any type, any shape and any feeling.

First met yoga was two years ago, whatever I practice is far, far, far, far times ∞ away from what I think I would be, I cannot catch any instruction cause all my body parts were not listen to me, I feel so sad, but so happy at the same time and made up my mind that I will keep practice till one day I meet the one, deep in my mind, she is back to me, face to the light, Svarga Dvidasana postured, peacefully.

After one sections I stopped for about half year, even I only practice for 10 classes, I did miss it, miss the time with yoga, this missing is neither salty nor sweet, neither near nor far, I know we will meet each other again.

Fate is wonderful, sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty, all bring me the joyous and happiness, new teachers and new friends, and yoga becomes part of my life, I thank all my teachers and friends, and they also stand together with her, the one in my mind, and more and more clearer, closer.

My motto is “重在坚持, 贵在真诚” (Important on persevering, priceless in sincere), I believe that time will make difference as long as never give up, and only cherish the sincere can make life happiness. So just keep practise and hand over others to time.

There is a long, long, long, long times ∞ way to go and never forget why I started, one day I will be there.