Yoga Heals

Yoga is a way of life that seeks the union of mind and body, it is hence no wonder that it heals both the mind and body, an all encompassing that allows one to improve their physical body and mental health.

Yoga for the physical body. It’s no stranger that asanas helps one to train and strengthen their body. There are many ways that it does so.

Firstly, flexibility. Poses like the Padangusthasana lengthen and stretches out the hamstrings to enable a forward fold, the Kapotasana helps to stretch out your spine and open your chest, almost all asanas helps you stretch out one way or another. This helps you to keep your muscles strong, healthy so as to maintain your range of motion.

Next, strength, there are many ways asanas train your strength. Holding a downward dog for five breaths helps you improve your endurance, doing Chaturanga helps you to train your arm muscles, holding a Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana helps you train your stabilising muscles, there are endless ways yoga helps you to build up both your external and internal muscles.

In fact, not just the asanas are good for your physical health, other limbs of Yogi such as the Pranayamas help you to clean out your physical body as well. Breathing exercises such as Kapalabhati clear out your mucus and helps you feel refresh and ready to start the day, whereas Nadhi Shodhana helps to heat or cool your body down. Generally, benefits such as improved respiratory and cardiovascular systems are known to happen.

Yoga for the mental state. In addition to the physical changes that yoga brings about, there are also mental benefits that come with the Yogi.

In addition to helping to clear the body of toxins, Pranayamas also help to alert one’s mind, reduce stress and also focus better. By looking at the eight limbs of Yogi, it would allow one to undergo a mental revelation and helps to overhaul one’s state of mind. Even if disregarding the spiritual aspects of yoga, the Kriyas and Yoga Nidras help to refresh one’s mind!

There is no doubt that starting yoga would help you with both your physical and mental state, so what are you waiting for? Go join a class now!