Special Travel Buddies

 I’ve been blessed all my life about having good friends. In childhood, school days, at work, etc., I always met great people and enjoyed their company at different phases of my life. Among these great friends, yoga friends hold a really special place in my heart.


When it comes to practicing yoga, many people use a metaphor of ‘journey’. I do agree with this idea; my yoga practice has been a long, challenging, and enjoyable journey. There has been ups and downs, sometimes, the journey is slow, sometimes, it’s speedy.


Yoga has been part of my life, and my practice cannot be compared with other peoples’ journeys. However, having a group of ‘travel buddies’ along my yoga practice has been one of the most important part of my ‘journey’. These friends became so special as we’ve been seeing each other regularly and engage in the common activity together. We all love our yoga practice and we are not necessarily traveling the same paths. Yet, we support each other tremendously for each other’s individual journey.


After practicing yoga together for a few years, my yoga friends and I came to know each other’s strengths and improving points. We enjoy helping each other with different poses, stretching methods, and getting feedback from one another. Sometimes, we wear matching yoga outfits, other times, we have our own group sessions outside the yoga studio. During the circuit breaker period, we got together online almost every day and kept our practice going. My yoga friends never fail to motivate me with my journey.


Outside our asana practice, we also spend time to share meals, thoughts, or just stories of our everyday happenings. Our bond we built became so strong that I feel Iike I’ve gained family members through my yoga practice. In the middle of my journey, I know for sure that the time I’m spending with these special friends will be with me for the rest of my life.


A writer, Douglas Pagels said, “a friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.” My yoga friends has truly been one of the nicest things that have happened to me. They openly accept me for who I am, and are always there for me. I certainly hope that I am doing a good job being a special friend for them.


After all, the journey is so much more fun and meaningful with these special friends. Thank you for being you!