Yoga for everyone

Do you have this moment during a yoga class:

You’ve been attempting a pose for quite a few months already. You’re always taking the modified version – either cause you have tight or weaker muscles. One day you have this moment where you could finally hold the asana pose.


I mentioned this because one of the many reasons people are resistant to practicing yoga is because they lack flexibility. Yet it is because we are not flexible, that we could use yoga to encourage flexibility in the body. After all, we could all use improvement in mobility in our muscles even as we age.

Another misconception that causes people to be resistant is because they googled a picture of an intermediate asana pose and had a tiny shock. The thought must be that yoga is for those flexible and strong. Since our bodies are all different, yoga is a multi-level activity. Props (straps and blocks) as well as easier options are always available till you reach that moment in yoga class I mentioned earlier – where one day you can finally hold the full asana pose.

More exciting is that yoga is a multi-level activity, there are always ways to continuously challenge yourself. You can opt for advance variations for each pose or try a different pose that stretches or strengthens your muscles more, or even do the same pose everyday but with greater flexibility and strength demonstrated.