Take off your mind and feel it

I danced since I was four years old. So later in life any gym class I participated in I was just waiting for the stretching part at the end of class to show how flexible I am and enjoyed this moment of being good at something and fishing for compliments.

When my mother asked me whether I want to accompany her to a yoga class at her office I said “yes”. In my head it was Yoga=Flexibility= you will look GREAT!

My first Yoga class was a beginners class, we practiced breathing we did sun salutations, we stayed in poses and the teacher explained how each pose is working for your body. She talked about parts and organs of my body I never even thought about. By the end of the lesson I experienced my body differently and I felt truly centered and connected to myself. I not once thought about what I look like while practicing a pose or waited for the teacher to comment on my flexibility. I was completely relaxed and happy the way it was.

For me this just proofed that it doesn’t matter if you ever practiced yoga before or whether you know your body well or not – if you open yourself up and let your body and mind experience yoga the effect will come by itself. Even if you are a teenager, completely focused on looks and coolness  😎