Yoga, the ease of life

I was inspired to take up yoga training course for a purpose- to bring home the physical and mental benefits of this ancient fitness method- five months of commitment, pretty worth it I think. It didn’t take me long to go with Tirisula Yoga and after 10 classes of sweat, pain and grit; I reckon my gut feel is right. My affinity with yoga started 10 years ago when I stepped out of my first class exclaiming, “this is truly an orgasmic experience!” however running gradually took over but deep inside me, I am always intrigued by this beautiful connection of mind, body and soul and yearn to learn how I could incorporate yoga and its connection into a way of life.
Learning from the two Masters and Erica has been a humbling experience for me. I could finish off a 42km under the grueling hot sun yet my legs start shaking like tofu (as Paalu always yell in class) in utthita parsvakonasana under 5 breathes. One of the valuable lessons I take home today is be mindful of our fear and conquer it. Master Paalu once said, “It only takes a sentence to do an asana”. As I begin to understand, a beautiful asana is done on a strong foundation in three dimensions- physical, mind, spiritual and I believe this philosophy is universal. 200 hr YTTC has not only been mentally and physically challenging but going back to basics is equally provocative. I’m currently practicing specified asanas to improve my hip flexibility (among my other inabilities!), consciously train my mind to appreciate precision and gently remind myself of my dedication to this course.
With 2.5 months away from graduation, the weekend warriors know the journey is going to be bitter-sweet! I look forward to continue embracing santosha (enjoying every moment of being in consciousness) as well as the principles and teachings of the yogis. With mindfulness and discipline; I hope to achieve much more of my journey in the coming weeks, stepping out of the yoga studio a better person!
Evelyn Goh,
200 Hr YTTC 2015

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