Yoga – Discipline, Trusting the Journey, Confidence

Hitting the snooze button, having a drink or 2 at dinner after a long day before getting to bed for a good night sleep is no stranger to most of us. (Well if not us, me) 

2 weeks into YTT, my body clock wakes me up automatically before the alarm sets off at 620am and I have not dreaded a day getting myself out of bed to get to class on time. I find myself reading up about the topics on yoga during the commute instead of scrolling through social media pages in the morning. I have started saying “no” to drinks on weekdays and be more conscious of my mind and body. 

What have opened my eyes from this course is learning that Yoga is not just getting into poses or how far you can reach, but it is a constant mental and physical practice that is applicable to all parts of our lives. As a result driven person, it sets a constant reminder of not letting emotions get over me, and living the power of now.  It is about living the moment walking to the coffeeshop, smelling and watching the barista pour you a cup and tasting every notes of it. It is also about being contented about holding the last brew they have for the day in your hands even if the coffee tasted slightly off your usual. We all worry about getting to destination but we forgot to remind ourselves to enjoy the process of getting there. It is so subtle yet we tend to forget about it in our hectic 9-6 (or even 11) lives. 

2 weeks ago i was still scared and slightly frustrated with myself on not getting into a handstand, and just 2 days ago with the Masters reminder as my mantra, “Right Technique, Focus, and Breathe”, I overcame the fear and managed to get up just for a brief 4 seconds. 

Trust the journey, breathe, and yes you can.