Yoga and diet…

Nutrition is an important part of my life these days. Raising two young kids I am always concerned about what is going into their growing bodies or more importantly what is not going into their bodies…hello spinach.
Learning about nutrition is not something I expected to be part of yoga but it turns out that what you eat, what you drink and what you think all play a major role in your yoga practice.
Yoga is all about balance, practicing moderation, self-discipline, self-awareness. Everything we do has an effect especially what you put into your mouth. Have you ever noticed the effects that the food you have eaten has on your yoga practice? When you hit the mat on a Monday morning after a weekend of indulgence I’m guessing your Vinyasa doesn’t flow quite as well as it does after you have been eating healthy salads and drinking fresh juice and lots of water.
The food we eat not only has an effect on our waistline it can also have more subtle effects on the mind and your mood. Ayurveda shows us how different foods affect our physical health, mental well-being and even our spiritual strength. According to Ayurveda, Sattvic foods will help you maintain a calm, clear and compassionate mind.
Not everyone is a devoted yogi following a vegetarian diet, meditating every day. Maybe you only make it to the mat once or twice a week to get your asana practice in and that’s ok. If like me you are looking to make improvements on your journey to a healthier life, you should try and get more Sattvic foods into your diet. These foods are soothing, nourishing and help give you a quiet, steady mind. Sattvic foods are vegetarian, naturally grown foods, whole grains, legumes, fresh fruit and vegetables.
No-one expects you to go vegan overnight but I bet if you start eating more Sattvic foods you will notice the difference and enjoy it

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