Yoga Diet

by JO
What is the appropriate food for yoga?
Simple, natural and healthy food is an idea for yoga, as fruits, grains, pulses, vegetables and dairy products.  Many yogis are vegetarian, not because they have to be a vegetarian just because most of them belive that human digestive system are more suited to be vegetarian, live in harmony with all animals and eat healthy.
Yoga diet avoids to take stimulating food as spicy, sour, onion, garlic, coffee, tea and etc, is because they bring a restless state to mind and body. Also avoid meat, all intoxicants, stale food and overeating, because they make a person lazy and decrease the motivative power of a human. For example, carnivores amimal after food they act lazy and take a nap, the opposite for the vegetarian animal they look for food and do activitives during the day and sleep in the night. In anatomical veiwpoint human digestive systerm are similar to vegetarian animal, so yogi belive human are meant to be vegetarian.
Fasting are encourage in yoga, there is a different between fasting and starving.  Fasting is do not eat when there is no real hunger and the purpose of fasting is to regain bodily health and and quick curing agent for many ailments, cleanes the body and makes it more energetic

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