Yoga and dance

I am a dancer and teacher. To be able to perform, I have to rehearse over and over, and practice day by day. Indeed, it takes hard work to be able to look effortless when you perform. However, I do not understand how to be healthy, how to effectively use my own body. Often, through all the dance exercises, I have accumulated many sports injuries.
Through a friend’s introduction, I decided to come to tirisula yoga school to learn yoga. After a period of time learning yoga, I gained a lot of insight which has helped me.

1. Sufficient warm up and stretching

Before, I often dance when the body has not opened up, lacking core strength and lubrication of the joints which can cause increased wear and tear. In yoga there is a lot of warm-up action and stretching.

2. How to control your strength during practice

This often occurs while practicing yoga. In the past, I did not fully understand the power to control myself. My body type is relatively soft, and to suddenly burst out of power to do an action, the body may not be able to withstand this. It is important that I need to be able to balance my body’s strength.

3. Focus on the balance of the body.

Sometimes I use excessive parts of my body. For a stage performance, we may rehearse the same action many times, such as a left leg lift. This can easily lead to the body’s imbalance. And in yoga there are a lot of symmetrical action that can help me achieve that balance.

4. The body needs to be aligned in position.

During some action, the position of the joint may not be aligned. Such as squatting movements in a dance – to do a squat, sometimes the knee is not aimed at the toes, and this can cause harm.

5. Make me more calm and peaceful.
So when I dance, a calm and peaceful body and mind have helped a lot.

Wang Tingting-200hr YTTC weekday

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