Yoga Creates Internal happiness

Before I came to the spiritual path of yoga I always believe that there will always be stress in life BUT you can choose to be happy. It’s just a matter if you are going to let it affect you or not. I may feel sad just passing by a store, grief over death or get angry with the television news around the world but I know these feelings will eventually pass. Yoga can be thought of as the art of creating happiness.

Asana in Sanskrit expression “sthira sukham asanam” (asanam = physical activites; sukham = happy, relaxed, calm; sthira = firm, steady, energized, strong). In other words, these physical activities should be firmly practice with calmness and a steady mind with HAPPINESS. In the early years of my yoga practice, external happenings such as work stress, relationship issues and etc., I would always end my yoga class with a state of being and peace. Of course it will not last long but as I continue practicing and the more I focused on these areas the brighter the light shines inside me. It develops the ability to effortlessly deal with life challenges by facing it in a positive way as you being physically flexible it will lead you to mental flexibility and vice versa.

But what constant is the power of meditation has taught me is that we are totally in control of that state of being, whatever shitty stuff life thrown to us. The more you focused on facing those challenges and areas in your life, the nicer person you will become because HAPPINESS comes with a great ATTITUDE.

 “Healthy plants and trees yields abundant flowers and fruits, from a healthy person, smiles and happiness shine forth like a rays of sunshine” – BKS Iyengar

-Berna Honrejas-

01 November 2016