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Do you know that yoga has been proven effective in improving your overall quality of life, reducing stress and anxiety, even promoting healthy eating habits? Each yoga pose targets specific muscles to give you several benefits such as reduce stress levels, increase concentration power, Fitness and weight loss, understanding body and mind connection, gain stamina and strength, improve stability and balance and improve postures and awareness.

Joining a Tirisula Yoga Class will be the most amazing life changing decisions you can make right now! But don’t just take our word, you can check the genuine results. Here are amazing feedbacks we’ve gotten from our clients.

Their dedication is unlike the others

“Though the time spent together are short, we had great fun learning from our masters. They have taught us with their utmost passion and sincerity. And I bet you, their dedications are unlike the others”

Patsy Ang

My love relationship with Yoga has even deepened further…

My love relationship with Yoga has even deepened further since starting the Yoga Teacher training in March of this year…I am particularly excited about knowing the exact alignment of each pose as well as realising some of the other obvious benefits to my exposure by being more intimately familiar with Pranayama and Kriyas.


Practical and enriching classes

In this month I have learned so much more than I had ever learned through previous classes, everything that I have learned can be put into action in my life right away. In class we have learned breathing techniques to bring the heart rate down more quickly which serves me well during my practice, at the gym or in any stressful situation. We have learned how to properly process our thoughts in order to be the most content as we go on with our lives.

With each class my mind was gaining more understanding and my body was become more aware of itself. With the theory section I always had to go in with an open mind and with the practice I had to learn how to be aware of muscles I was never familiar with(psoas).


A Great Life Experience!

I’ve just completed the four week YTT200 hours. The course was thorough, well structured and well delivered by masters Paalu and Satya. I would very much recommend to others, and one day I hope to return to do my 300 hours at Tirisula. Thank you for a great life experience :)))


Everything Terrific!

Hello, everything was good. One of the best!



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We’ve got an exciting range of yoga training for everyone, from Yoga for beginners, yoga flow for weight loss, to yin yoga for relaxation.

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Pricing / Class Packages

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Manage your own classes via our booking system at your own convenience. Book for classes any time at least 1 hour in advance to enjoy your favourite classes. We know you may have a busy schedule, for students with prepaid packages, cancel anytime at least 1 hour in advance and your credit will be refunded back to you.

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Members Login

First visit to Tirisula Yoga Studios?

We are minimalist and super streamlined, in order to give you the best value for the classes.

As prior online bookings have been done and payments made,
upon reaching the studio,
simply remove your shoes and wait for the class to start. Sign your attendance before starting the class.

There will be no receptionist there.

Feel free to explore the studio and the bathrooms are located at the back corner.


Need more information?

How to buy class packages

  1. Click on the above “Buy Class Packages” button
  2. Sign up as a customer (Please remember your email and password for future bookings)
  3. Select Prepaid packages
  4. Select the number of classes package
  5. You will be directed to Paypal page and you can pay by Visa, Mastercard or AMEX.
  6. Go to Members login and start booking for your classes using your newly purchased prepaid credits!
  7. You have to book for the class at least 1 hour in advance. Should you need to cancel or change the class, please do so at least 1 hour in advance.
  8. Walk-ins without online booking are not accepted. 

How to book/cancel classes

Online booking is necessary before going for class!

Go to Members login and start booking for your classes using your newly purchased prepaid credits!

You need to book for your class at least 1 hr in advance. Should you need to cancel the class, all you need to do is to login and cancel the class (also at least 1 hr in advance)

Would I be charged if I cancel the class?

  • If you cancel the class at least 1 hr in advance, you would not be charged. The credit will be refunded back to your package.
  • Otherwise, it is considered no-show and the credit is forfeited if you do not turn up for class.

How to check for expiry date

Go to Members login

Click on “Your prepaid credits” and you shall see the validity date there.


My package has expired but I still have balance credits left

  • You can extend the package validity within 2 weeks of the expiry date for another 10 weeks at $50. The 10 weeks will start from the date of previous expiry date.
  • Or, you can purchase another class package within 2 weeks of the expiry date and we will top up your balance credits to the new package.
  • Otherwise, unused classes are non refundable regardless of any reasons.

Extension of Class Package

Extend your class package expiry date to another 10 weeks. The extension fee is $50.

Pls allow us 3 working days to update your package. 

Processing ...

What are the things to bring? / What should I wear?

  • We provide Yoga mats for studio’s common use. For hygiene purposes, please bring your own yoga mat towel to be placed over the studio’s yoga mat.
  • You are more than welcome to bring along your own yoga mat.
  • Wear anything comfortable for freedom of movement, e.g. fitness clothing, T-shirts, tank tops, pants, bermuda, crops etc
  • Bring along your own towels and water bottle for the class

Class Etiquette and things to note:

  • Any previous injuries sustained / health conditions must be declared to the instructor
  • Please be on time or 5-10 min earlier for class. If you happen to arrive a little later, do walk in quietly and slowly to the class. If you arrive more than 10 min after the start of the course, you will not allowed into the class and the class is considered utilised.
  • Kindly switch your mobile to silent mode once you are inside the class
  • It is recommended to perform yoga on an empty stomach. Light meal can be taken 2 hours before class.
  • To sanitise and keep the yoga mats clean for the next class, please spray and wipe the Yoga mats after using. Thank you.

I'm coming for the first class, anything I should know?

  • Firstly, welcome to Tirisula Yoga! As we do not have receptionist or admin staff, you may not be greeted by anyone if your class is after another one. Please feel free to make yourself comfortable in the studio and wait for your class to start.

Can I come for a trial class?

  • Sure! We understand that you need to feel comfortable in our studio before committing to a package. However, we do not have free trial class as we need to appreciate the teacher’s effort in teaching. You could book for a 1 time class at

Can I share the package with my spouse/ friend?

  • No you can’t. This is because every registration is a individual who has unique medical condition. Every student has to accept the terms and conditions and liability release in order to purchase the class/package.
  • Both of you could sign up for a smaller package individually and still enjoy the classes together 🙂

Can I walk-in and pay on the spot before class?

  • Sorry you can’t. That is because we do not have a admin staff/receptionist. The teacher would be focusing on teaching the class instead of administrative work.
  • You could book for a 1 time class at Do remember to book at least 1 hr in advance.







We do not have fixed opening hours. If you have any queries regarding the Yoga classes, you can use the contact form below to leave us a message. Thank you!