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We welcome you and your friends to join our group yoga classes (Singapore) here at Tirisula Yoga! Our style of Yoga suits beginners and intermediate students, as we focus on the foundation and benefits of the yoga poses. Yoga for beginners, Hatha Yoga and few examples of yoga classes we have here.


Benefits of Yoga:

  • The yoga poses (exercise) helps us to be flexible, strong, and improve our sense of balance.
  • Improves blood circulation and detoxification.
  • Rejuvenates the internal organs
  • Keeps mind calm and stable
  • Mild exercise suitable for senior citizens and beginners
  • Breathing and meditation helps to keep the mind steady, hormones balance and heightens awareness. 
  • Inner Peace.


What better way to destress after a long day than with a dose of yoga?


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Class Pre-paid Packages

10 Class Pass: $150  | 10 weeks^

20 Class Pass: $260 | 20 weeks^

30 Class Pass: $360 | 30 weeks^

^ denotes validity period from the date of purchase 

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*1 Class rate: $18 (U.P $30) 

*Please book and pay online at least 1 hr before the class. We do not accept walk-ins.

There would be no change of date and time for 1 class pass. No refund would be given for no show. 

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Class Descriptions

Ashtanga Primary Series – (1 hr 15 min)

This asana practice comprises the classical form of Vinyasa yoga as taught in its traditional sequence, called the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series.  You’ll be guided through the practice in a manageable way to suit beginners. By following a structured sequence, students will learn to internalise physical aspects and thus develop mindfulness of their breath, prana (internal energy) and drishti (focused gaze). 


Ashtanga Basics (1 hr)

This class is also suitable for Beginners who wants to learn the Ashtanga Style of Yoga practice. Slowly and progressively, students will be taught the poses in the Ashtanga Primary Series, which helps to increase flexibility, endurance and balance. 


Beginners (1 hr)

Recommended for first-timers or those with less than 3 months of practice, who wants a more gentle practice, having more time to explore the poses and breathing. 




Hatha Yoga is a traditional style that focuses on proper alignment of static postures and mindfulness. Our sequence includes a wide variety of poses for building strength and improving flexibility. We have a range of levels which suit every individual’s practice. (Level 1 = beginners; Level 2 – intermediate;  Mixed – multi-level with variations to suit all levels)




Flow, also known as vinyasa, emphasises aligning our movements to our breath. This class is a sequence of movements which is both a cardiovascular workout and well as a mindful “work-in”. It builds strength, flexibility and brings about freedom in both body and mind. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced practitioner, these dynamic classes will leave you feeling light, radiant and liberated. (Level 1 = beginners; Level 2 – intermediate;  Mixed – multi-level with variations to suit all levels)



Yoga Core

Core refers to the deep muscles right towards the center of our body. Abs, back muscles etc are targeted to bring awareness to their contraction and also to strengthen them. When core muscles are strong, they can help us to improve our posture and balance. 


Yoga for Backache

Backache has become so common that a lot of people are quietly suffering from it. Yoga can help in alleviating the back pain by bringing awareness to your posture, strengthen the core and you can also learn yoga poses that helps you stretch out the tight back muscles. (Disclaimer: If you are suffering from sharp pain at the moment, please get clearance from your doctor before starting any yoga classes)


Yin Yoga

This is a treat for the hips and a treat for the mind. A very gentle and calming class, which aims to stretch and free up the hip joint, and also promotes relaxation and calmness. 




Instructions on how to buy class packages:

  1. Click on the above “Buy Class Packages” button
  2. Sign up as a customer (Please remember your email and password for future bookings)
  3. Select Prepaid packages
  4. Select the number of classes package
  5. You will be directed to Paypal page and you can pay by Visa, Mastercard or AMEX.
  6. Go to Members login and start booking for your classes using your newly purchased prepaid credits!
  7. You have to book for the class at least 1 hour in advance. Should you need to cancel or change the class, please do so at least 1 hour in advance. 
  8. Walk-ins without online booking are not accepted. 


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Note: If you have any existing medical conditions, doctor’s clearance is required prior to signing up


Instructions for members on how to book/cancel classes:

Online booking is necessary before going for class!

Go to Members login and start booking for your classes using your newly purchased prepaid credits!



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Instructions for members on how to check for expiry date:

Go to Members login

Click on “Your prepaid credits” and you shall see the validity date there.  


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Extension of validity date (Yoga Class Packages): 

You will not be allowed to book for classes if your package has expired, regardless of any reasons. 

You can extend the package validity within 2 weeks of the expiry date for another 10 weeks at $50. The 10 weeks will start from the date of previous expiry date.

Unused classes are non refundable. 


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Private/Corporate Yoga Classes

Our team of dedicated teachers is happy to conduct Private Group/Corporate yoga classes catering to students from beginner to advanced levels.

Sign up for 10 lessons and enjoy a 10% discount!



Type Group Size No. of sessions Duration Fees in SGD Payment

Private Group/

Max 18 pax


(at our studio) 


Private Group/
Corporate Package

Max 18 pax


(at our studio)  

Private 1-to-1/couple

Max 2 pax 

(at our studio)  

Private 1-to-1/couple

Max 2 pax 


(at our studio) 


We have yoga mats and props at our studio.

If you wish to have the class at your venue*, please prepare your own yoga mats and props. 

*additional transportation charges may apply


Please email us at for available time slots or if you have further questions. 

Upfront payment is required for confirmation of bookings. 





Things to bring / What to wear:

  • We provide Yoga mats for studio’s common use. For hygiene purposes, please you bring your own yoga mat towel to be placed over the studio’s yoga mat.
  • You are more than welcome to bring along your own yoga mat.
  • Wear anything comfortable for freedom of movement, e.g. fitness clothing, T-shirts, tank tops, pants, bermuda, crops etc 
  • Bring your own towels and water bottle for the class



Class Etiquette and things to note:

  • Any previous injuries sustained / health conditions must be declared to the instructor
  • Please be on time or 5-10 min earlier for class. If you happen to arrive a little later, do walk in quietly and slowly to the class. If you arrive more than 10 min after the start of the course, you will not allowed into the class and the class is considered utilised.
  • Kindly switch your mobile to silent mode once you are inside the class
  • It is recommended to perform yoga on an empty stomach. Light meal can be taken 2 hours before class.
  • Please spray and wipe the Yoga mats after using.





We do not have fixed opening hours. If you have any queries regarding the Yoga classes, you can drop us an email at Thank you!