Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodhah

Who would have thought that the frequency in your mind can be minimized to certain stillness? From the 1st day of yoga philosophy class have proof that it is possible. The direct translation is “Yoga is STILLING the mind fluctuation”, how amazing is that. With the busy lifestyle of modern society of non-stop daily activities and buzzing traffic, this philosophy is a good theory or practice to instill stillness to slow us down.
On the same day, I sat at the MRT platform and just stay quiet and observe the passerby and train movement to try to apply the philosophy that I have pick up. It works magically that you will be able to slow things down even just for 5 minutes. How refreshing after.
This practice enables me to practice my Asana with more focus without any thoughts running through my mind. Prior to this, there are always thoughts like “how is this possible”, “what am I going to eat later”, etc. which is a big taboo while practicing Asana. Any yoga teacher will tell you that.
Thanks to 200YTT had thought me how to control my mind fluctuation to perform better in anything I do.
XOXO from Evelyn

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