How yoga changed my life

I would not use the sentence on how Union changed my life, instead I will use how the teacher’s training had transformed me into another deeper self.
Before taking the Yoga instructor training course, to me yoga is more like transforming my body rather than transforming my mind. Previously, attending yoga classes was just a form of exercise to burn off the fats and get into the desired poses that I have always been fascinated in.
During the practices, I have always wondered how to become a yoga instructor and so I decided to sign up for the yoga instructor course even though I have to sacrifice my precious beauty sleep during the weekends.
After the 2nd week of the yoga training, I began to feel more inspired to be a yoga instructor. To me, it is no longer about the physical training as yoga is much more than this. The theory behind it makes it very interesting, especially the 8 limbs of yoga, skeleton, body muscle.
Every week after my lesson, I feel like an onion beginning to peel layer by layer, letting me learn more things about myself that I did not know existed within me.
Anatomies, muscles and alignments, are one of the layer being peeled during the Asana practice. Suddenly “ momentous breakthroughs”. Some Asana I have been trying so hard on it and it just comes alive.
The beautiful Asana changing in the most beautiful way even though I know I will feel the pain the following day, I will still persevere and continue to have more breakthrough moment of discovery.
200 hours Yoga instructor training not only changed my life and my personal practice. It makes me wonder how many more layers I have inside me that I have not discovered. Even after this yoga teacher training course, I will still continue to search my deeper soul through the yoga journey.
After going through this yoga instructor training , I felt more disciplined, healthier and happier.
Angel Chong Wai Fah
200 hours vinyasa weekend course

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