How yoga changed my life – my philosophy.

I’ve long for a deeper connection between my mind and my body. Despite the pain I had on my knee, I still cannot thank ‘it’ enough as it made me found yoga. Yoga will always be a part of my life now, but its main work, returning me to the life of my body, is in progress. And now my body and heart know where they are going. There is no going back.
As yoga brought me back into my body, I began to discover another place within myself. One that was vast but comforting, sometimes dark, sometimes light, but always peaceful and steadying.
And I discovered that I could enter this realm whenever I wanted by simply breathing and becoming aware of its presence. As I learned how to more easily ground in this inner space, I became more intuitive and receptive to “energy”. I began to sense and feel things that could not be put into words, but held my attention, wanting to be named. This I noticed happened most often in nature. When walking outdoors on my weekly Sunday morning trip to Mac Ritchie Reservoir, walking the trail in the ‘forest’, a kind of bubbly sweet sensation would burble in my tummy and rise to my chest. This tingly suffused feeling I realized — was happiness!
I decided to cultivate this ‘good energy’ like prana, and began to breathe mindfully fanning the flame. I would feel myself grow taller and lighter, my senses sharpening. I saw the tiny puddles of sun illuminating the incandescent ferns on the forest floor, the tumbling whirling activity of insects and bees, I could hear in sharp relief the songs of the birds, and the sounds of the wind as it rippled through leaves. And all this beauty filled me further, leading at moments to a kind of ecstasy. Even though it lasted only mere minutes!
Yoga’s gift was to bring me to this place. Learning to “see” with the eyes of my body, awakened my senses — I began to feel once again. And what I felt in nature was love, a deep reverence for the life that shone in every drop of dew, every blade of grass, and every creature. Nature became separate from us, existing outside our house walls and city streets, a resource to be used for the extraction of minerals, the building of houses and cities, capital and wealth.
Today the desecration of old growth forests, the appropriation of indigenous lands and national parks for industry, the chemical poisoning of our fields and the genetic manipulation of foods, the death of bees and extinction of species continue unabated. Clearly we’ve forgotten another ancient truth – we are all one. Whatever we do to the earth, we do to ourselves.
Yoga is my methodology for coming into conscious alignment with the numinous cycles of growth, death and regeneration that drive all life on this planet. Yoga gives me the spiritual backbone I need to stand strong.
Farah D.Kusairi

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