How did yoga change the way I live?

In my line of work, I am a very busy person and I used to stress myself to finish up my work on time. Time constrain is a factor for me and after I came back from study, I had a different sets of mind, which stimulated me to find myself center. I went to yoga class every now and then, since my University time and it’s really given me a tremendous relieved on the amount of stress I had been facing. I love meditations as I found, am able to calm my mind and my body system to be in a peaceful states. I discovered not only we need to have conscious mind when we were in a meditations state but the deep breathing method is very important as well. When we were in a stressful time our breathing tends to be very swallow because of the hormonal changes in our body such as glucocorticoids lead to rising of our heart beat. I realised, I should find equilibrium of living in myself and the environment around me, which I am trying very hard to discipline myself to do meditations.
Yoga is a form of an art and wellness as I understand initially but when I attended the course I have learned not only fitness of the physical body but the knowledge that the master had thought us. The positive mind sets and the wellness had enlightened me to become a better person and is all human choice whether we wanted to be in a down side or think in a better angle. The amount of knowledge that he input on us is very precious to me because day to day life, we live in a hap hazards and constructed universal human nature. Positive mind sets lead to wellness because human mind is very powerful as the neo frontal cortex lead to strong connections in imaginations. This imagination would cause us to change our personal emotion and attitude towards the environment surround us. As I experience that if we project a positive vibes, everything around us will be in a control, neither too excited nor too sad. I realized I have a choice to choose the situation happening around me in my daily life and life at work place too. I am able to control my emotional state of mind and calm myself in an unexpected situation.
The understanding that I experienced was the awareness and focus of mind state in every pose that I performed. The focusing on mindful movement to release tensions and increased awareness allowed me to build my awareness and wisdom in body and mind. Yoga has been a daily routine for me, although the busy schedule I was adapting. I took the initiative to wake up earlier than I used to everyday to perform my 5 steps of breathing techniques. Which I found is very useful for me to stay awake rather than depending on the caffeine every day to keep me awake. In additions, I feel more energetic when performing the 5 steps breathing and feel fresh with a positive mind. The changes in my life have leaded me to be more discipline and mindful in every little thing I do.
I feel more self centre and balance in my daily routine which I minimizes my complaints against my daily life and unwanted situations had happened to me. In additions, I am now feel more confidence and relax when facing my everyday life. I projected an image of calm and fearless after I have attended the course. Where, I used to have fear initially when performing certain poses, which I think negatively that it will injure me. Instead, when I encountered the fear I felt satisfactions and the love of yoga had slowly built in me. Every week I am looking forward for my weekend’s yoga course as I love the input of knowledge given to us and it has satisfied my curiosity mind. My life was more discipline now and meaningful as I have something to look forward and focus on. I have become a happier person and I can feel the tremendous transformation on me. It is more accurate to mention that yoga helps to overcome obstacles that obscure who you really are, which bring you come into full expression of your true nature and transforming into our very best self.
Angie Wong
200 hrs YTT (Sep 2015, weekend class)

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