How Yoga change the cardiovascular system ?

Practices yoga gives a positive effect on our body system and one of the benefits was the cardiovascular systems. Its supply sufficient oxygen to every cells of our body through blood vessels and the heart. When the blood supply increase the aerobic capacity, which means the lungs, heart and blood vessel works well to transport oxygenated blood count to the muscles during exercise. Yoga benefits us by lowering our cardiovascular risks and prevents infection or diseases by transporting the white blood cells to the immune system. In additions, cardiovascular system regulates in our body excretes carbon dioxide to the lung and waste products to the lymph nodes. The heart structure has two slides: the right heart, which takes oxygen-low blood from the body and pumps it to the lungs, where more O2 is absorb and CO2 is move out of the blood; and the left heart, which receives blood from the lungs and sends it out to the rest of the body. Blood leaves the heart and enters arteries that transport everywhere in the body, including the heart itself. From arteries, the blood enters smaller arteries called arterioles, then even smaller blood vessels called capillaries that small enough for nutrition and O2 to seep right into the cells around them. From there, the blood moves into slightly larger but less muscular vessels call venuoles as it turns back towards the heart, eventually moving into larger veins before arriving back in the heart. Exercise helps to reduce heart rate and improve metabolic rate in the body system. Yoga asanas work beautifully in helping the blood transportations in our body system. Another interesting exercise like yoga breathing, which increases blood circulation with adding benefit of boosting your immune system, for example Bhastrika. It builds the stomach muscles while increasing circulation to the whole body and voluntarily it improve metabolism to resist illness.
Angie Wong
200 hrs YTT (Sep 2015, weekend class)

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