Yoga can be for everyone!

June has always been chosen as “Yoga Month” in my company, whereby the Wellness Committee will engage external yoga teachers to conduct yoga lessons during lunch time.

One of the conversations I often heard among my colleagues was always “Yoga is for flexible/skinny people only! I am too stiff to even bend and touch my feet!” or “How is yoga even considered an exercise? It is so sedentary that I will fall asleep!” etc and the list of reasons for not trying out yoga goes on and on…

This makes me realized that many people have the incorrect perception of Yoga. While social media influences (think of picture-perfect Instagram photos of yoga postures!) have helped to spread this beautiful art of Yoga to the greater masses, there is still much to do to help many others to understand that Yoga is not just about the beautiful postures or “bending to touch your toes”. Regardless of factors like body shape, age, flexibility etc, there will be one form of yoga suitable for you.

  • If you are someone who likes high intensive exercises, try out dynamic vinyasa yoga like Ashtanga Yoga or Hot Yoga.


  • Trying to recover from an injury? Go for Yoga therapy that focuses on the target part of the body and highlight to the teacher for modifications to the postures.


  • Feeling a little lethargic today, go for restorative yoga like Yin Yoga.


My favourite part of the gym routine always involve cardio exercises like Running / Spinning class followed by either Hot yoga or Yin yoga to give myself a good stretch.

The good vibes after a yoga class is what keeps me going back to my yoga mat every time. So go on and give yourself a chance to enjoy what yoga can bring to you!

You will never know, if you never even try!