Yoga – Bringing Light to Darkness

“The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body” – Jason Crandell.

Well, the quote lit up the little lightbulb in my head when I first read it. How apt and enlightening are these words?!

Undoubtedly, we generally know the different parts of our body. However, are you consciously aware, and appreciative of these body parts? Take a look at your big toe. Aesthetics (i.e. perfectly manicured toenail) aside, you might think nothing of your big toe but that it is merely one of the toes lining the top of your feet. Do you know that the big toe actually plays a significant role in many of the asanas? A Tadasana would be more sturdy if you actively sent your energy down to the big toe and pressed it firmly on to the ground. Without the big toe, a Phalakasana would be akin to a bench without steady support. Simple movements like pointing your toes or flexing your foot are not merely what your eyes see; they transpire from collaborations of the various muscles, tendons and/or ligaments. These are your little “workers” which could have been quietly working all these years (excuse the occasional aches) without you even being aware that they existed.

Other than the physical aspect, the darkest corners could well reside in your mind. Have you ever felt frustration and/or anxiety but yet were unable to pin-point the cause of the same? Have you ever stopped yourself from reaching further into your thoughts out of fear? Scary as it may sound, but you should consciously bring your awareness to that forgotten corner. The mind is a powerful tool that can determine your action, decision and attitude. Have the courage to reach into the deepest part of your mind and you may find yourself rewarded with realisation and even, release. Peace and serenity within yourself would naturally follow.

So to you who are reading this post, the next time when you wriggle your toes when coming out of Shavasana, do not wriggle them just for the sake of it. Send your energy to, and thank your toes for supporting you in the asanas. With every breath that you inhale and exhale during meditation, cast that light and be not afraid to confront that hidden corner in your mind.

Hou Lijun

Weekend YTT March 2018 Course

Blogpost 2/4