Yoga birth

I started practising yoga in my early twenties (I’m in my late thirties now). My early practice was asana-based and a means of relaxing after work.
I wasnt aware of the profundity of spiritual aspects of yoga until I became pregnant and revolved my pregnancy around yogic attitudes and attended prenatal yoga and birth preparation classes. The classes provided ways of getting comfortable in yoga postures, and relieved a lot of the aches and pains. Through a lot of pranayama and yoga principles of acceptance, connection with the body, and of the wonder of nature, the changes became manageable. Pregnancy is a time of life where body functioning in terms of digestion, endocrine and vascular systems and energy flow are at the same time more important than usual, and more challenged than usual by the demands of the changing body and psyche and emotions. The mental training and birth preparation techniques really worked. My baby was born within 2 hours from beginning of labour to the end, with no medical intervention or interference. I breathed and moved my way through the birth, and experienced a state of complete connection with the layer that lies deeper than the physical body or the mind thinking thoughts. I felt detached from everything at the same time very present. It is impossible to describe. My relationship with yoga continued in the next “speciality” phase of post-natal yoga, which allowed me to connect with a body I didn’t “know” in its physically altered state. The class was for new mothers plus the new babies, and we worked through postures incorporating and including the new baby. It was a positive bonding time. Lots of pelvic floor strength and rehabilitating core muscles. It was a supportive, non-judging space to recover from the birth.
Since then a lot of time has elapsed, i had two more “yoga babies”, and my experience of yoga has continued to evolve and change, but I am still a deep believer in the power of yoga in the wider sense, stemming from and cemented in this life changing event of my first child.
My motivation is to undertake further training and hopefully work in this field in the future.
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