The Yoga Attitude

Yoga has taught me not just the asanas, anatomy and the techniques to get into poses, but the way of life. 

Yoga is a way of life because it is all about the union between the mind, body and soul. 

I am glad to enroll myself in Tirisula’s Yoga Teacher Training 200hrs because it has taught me more and how I can lead and take charge of my life moving forward.

You may be wondering what yoga attributes I have learned in just 3 weeks. 

Be Still 

I learnt to be still in performing asanas and pranayama. There are times when I found myself ignoring self-doubts and muscle soreness when I let my breathe lead my movement. Ashtanga yoga is all about breathe, movement and gaze. Without focus and breathe, it is extremely difficult to practise yoga comfortably and steadily. The importance of focus and breathe are often overlooked because people assumed adults to have better focus than children. However, in the modern world that we are living, with Internet and social media, it is hard not to be overwhelmed by the fragmented content shoved down our throats. I find that in yoga, being still could be a great attribute for me to accomplish more goals in life. 

Trust Yourself

The thing is we could do so many things if we don’t talk ourselves down. However, due to failures or some pre-conceived ideas which we have before we jump on our yoga mats, we sometimes don’t trust ourselves enough. From this Yoga Teacher Training, I am fortunate to be surrounded by professional yoga trainers and like-minded yogis who will be there to guide you and provide advice and assistance when you need it. Master Paalu also said that our bodies are smart bodies where we have muscle memory and we should be fearless and think that we are so vulnerable to serious injuries, e.g. breaking our spine. I think what I got to do from now on, is to trust myself more. 

Smile When You Are In Pain

Today, Master Paalu said something which I can’t seem to take it off my mind. He said this, “Play like a child and smile when you are doing the asanas”. Why haven’t I thought about it? I learnt that my reaction to things could be changed if I smile in pain and dance in the rain 🙂 It is also easier to perform the asanas when you are happy, smiling and relaxed. I finally did a proper headstand (without the wall) when I ingrained this thought in my head. 


Yoga is an ongoing adventure for me and I look forward to exciting times ahead! I hope we’ll never give up and continue practising yoga with faith 🙂 



Celine (April – May 2017 TTC)


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