Yoga as a career

Just in two more weeks, I will be graduating from my YTT course! Well, I guess that is my first step into exploring few options that I might consider. My passion for yoga is unexpected. Sometimes, a random thought comes across my mind when I’m in the studio bonding with the teachers & friends and feeling the energy that drives me happy; I feel deeply drawn to pursuing a career in yoga.

Of course, the journey is not easy and smooth. However, would I be considering yoga as my main career in my life? Hmm well, my mind still wanders. Yes I love practicing yoga; yes I would like to teach and serve others. Why not, right?

I THINK yoga as a career is a commitment. Doing yoga everyday as a full-time job surely plays a big impact in my lifestyle. I think yoga career lifestyle is widely categorised not only as a teacher, but also can be something else such as a studio owner, or probably building a yoga community. If I take this path, I would have a different life and different focal point of goals as a yogini. Now, still in wander if this is the path or purpose that I shall decide. But I believe at this very second, everything can just change and I will just go with the flow where it leads me to!

I believe to become a Yogini is a very beneficial thing to do in my life; not only for me, but also for other people who want to study or acknowledge the importance of yoga. I hope I can help or guide others, and for sure myself to practice more to be better.

I am convinced that anyone with the willingness to stick through the tough moments can build the yoga career of their dreams!


– A. Natalia