Yoga and You

Saga said: Yoga is the ability to direct the mind exclusively toward the object and sustain that direction without any distraction.

Janna Yoga
A practice dedicated to liberation through knowledge and wisdom involves both learnings via mind and beyond the mind. It includes studying texts, thinking about ideas, and ultimately developing personal understanding.

Karma Yoga
A path of doing good deeds

Kundalini yoga
Yoga of awareness focuses on meditation and on stimulation of the glandular and nervous system to heighten creative potential. It consists of simple poses, pranayama, mantra, music and meditation to teaching relaxation and self-healing.

Ashtanga vinyasa yoga
Synchronise with breathing method called ujjayi breath with a progressive series of postures, so the body produces heat and purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs.

One could start to practise one or many of the yoga to be better humankind.

-Jennifer Ho