Spinning and Yoga?

Yes it is a perfect combi!

I have been spinning quite often and sharing my experiences with my course mates in YTT that how fun spinning is and I will never get tired of it. I was also struggling to decide what to write next for my blog post, till one of my course mate (you know who you are!) gave me this idea to write about spinning and yoga. So here it is. 

I have came across articles about yoga and indoor cycling and surprised to learn that it is becoming a trend as more and more studios are starting to integrate spin and yoga into a single class. As I have been spinning quite often, sometimes I wonder if spinning too much will be detrimental to my knee joints, and over engagement of my quads and hamstrings, or may even cause shortness of breath easily as it is considered as an anaerobic exercise (high intensity version of workout). 

Actually, there are so many benefits of spinning which will help in our Yoga practice, vice versa. Some of the benefits of spinning are:

  • It can help to build endurance and stamina
  • Increase strength and bone density
  • Reduce the risk of Osteoporosis
  • Helps to boost metabolism and lose weight
  • Strengthening of heart. 
  • Improve balancing skills, as in most spin classes, the spin instructor will have you stand up and down in the bike saddle while still peddling. This would require you use your core to prevent your
  • It also helps in achieving a nice figure as it trains the full body, lifting of your gluts and core muscles too. Some classes even incorporate the use of hand weights for adding resistance to train your upper body. 

Of course there is a limit to everything. Try to refrain from spinning more than 3 times a week, as it may cause strain on your muscles and tightened overtime. Hence, Yoga will help to bring the body back into perfect balance. I have been spinning 2-3 times (45 mins per class) a week and would sometimes practise Yoga for at least 10-15 minutes after each spin class. From yoga, tightened/overactive muscles will be naturally stretched and lengthened, and underactive muscles will be strengthened. It is amazing as I only came to realise now that this is the reason why I hardly have muscle aches anymore. 

Yoga or Spin first?

For best results, do yoga after spin will be more effective as your body is already warmed up. Yoga after spin class can help to heal your muscles, increase your strength and flexibility. If it has been a few hours since you cycled like myself (to rest or work), good to start with at least three rounds of Sun Salutations to warm yourself up. As hip flexes will be tight from riding on the bike, here are some of the post-spin poses, which are mainly hip openers that will help in lengthening your hip flexor muscles. Do not forget your consistent pranayama throughout the practice to slow your heart rate down. 

1) Low lunge/ Lizard pose 

2) Wide angle seated forward bend / standing forward bend 

3) Downward facing dog 

4) Bridge pose 

5) Supine body twist

6) Finally relax in corpse pose. 

If you haven’t thought about Spinning before, perhaps you should! You will enjoy the music and reap the cardio benefits from Spinning that naturally brings ease to our daily yoga regimen! 

Interesting Fact: Do you know that Jennifer Aniston, a Hollywood actress works out every morning by spinning for 30mins and yoga after for 40mins? That’s pretty intense!