Yoga and me

The first time I did yoga was in a Fitness centre. I have heard so much about it. So I decided to give it a go. The instructors were wonderful. My introduction to yoga was unlike other fitness classes I went to. It gave me a sense of peace.   I also realized that I was not as flexible as I thought I was. Simple poses like Trikonasana was not easy as I thought it would be. The detail to alignment was remarkable. Poses like Paschimottanasana was a fantasy.
I always watched with wonderment how some students can touch their toes with their abdomen at their thighs.
As I continued practicing, I realized yoga makes the impossible, possible as I managed to finally touch my toes. Practice and Persevererance are the key to it. And slowly I realized that what I felt in my yoga classes was also applicable in life. Just like I had to be kind to myself when I am not able to do certain poses, I should be kind to myself in real life too.
Slowly, I began to discover more of myself. Once I even told a friend that after each yoga class, I am untouchable. Nothing can  make me angry.
Now that I am in the 200TTC, I continue to discover new things.
I am especially intrigued about nutrition. How alkali food actually makes one more flexible versus acidic food.. Now whenever I put something in my mouth I am more sensitive to it. Indirectly it affects my diet. Certain food that I once relish, does not taste as good. Fried food, fast food, high fatty food like Briyani and Hor Fun are now a rarity. Instead more Greens, Fruits, white meat, lean meat and of course water.
What I love about Yoga is its Holistic nature. It captures your heart totally when you fall in love with it. Its not a selfish master but gives you more than you expect. It gives you a good body, a good heart, a good mind and in my case, yoga led me to a wonderful community at Tirisula. I had wanted to do TTC for a long time and everytime there was an obstacle. Now I realized why I had to wait. Now I have Santosha.
Norza 200TTC(weekend)

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