Yoga and Fertility followed by a Joke
A young woman and her mother went to a doctor as the young woman was not feeling well.  Mother being very talkative, explained to the doctor what her daughter went through in the last few days, nausea, vomiting and fever.
After examining the patient the doctor said, “She’s pregnant”.
“Oh doc, i must call you insane.  My dear daughter has never even kissed a man or even went near a man!  Is that right my honey?”
The daughter in reply to the mother “No mum, I have not even held a man’s hand.”
The doctor puzzled went to back to his chair turned to face the window, looked out to the sky.  After a uneasy quietness, the mother asked the doctor, “Is there a problem or are we missing something, doc?”.
The doctor exclaimed, “Nope nothing at all!  The last time a same thing like this happened, there was a shooting star and i did not want to miss it this time!”