Yoga and Diet

Yoga may give you a toned physique and strong core but to achieve the optimal health, what you eat plays a major part on your well being.  It’s not just eating the right kind of food, it is vital to eat the proper quantity at the right time.  Over eating leads to lethargy while under eating may not provide enough nourishment and will lead eventually to other complications.

The yogic diet recommends eating fresh fruits, vegetables and whole unprocessed food because they are full of nutritions and easy to digest. These are known as Sattvic foods.

Consuming plant based whole food is foundational for nourishing all systems in our body.  Studies have supported that plant based food or vegetarian styles of eating promote a healthier gut microbiomes.   Introduce enough fibres into your regular diet will assist to regular bowel movements.

Low Glycemic Index (GI) food such as whole grains and legumes will fuel your body with energy for longer because they are nutrient dense unlike carbs like rice, potatoes and pasta.  Consuming food high in carbohydrates during the day will make us tired.

Getting the balance right will compliment your physical and mental yogic training and achieve optimal effects for the individual.