Yoga and Anatomy

When we talk about yoga, than offcourse we will talk about our body. When we talk about our body than for sure will talk about human anatomy.
Why Yoga and Anatomy? As we all know, people nowadays learn yoga trough doing the asana first. And i am one of the most people out there who learn yoga directly to the asana. With zero knowledge of doing the right asana, i keep on moving my body up and down, stumbling and falling and finaly feel constant pain and sore here and there. What i do was only mirroring the image of my yoga teacher in a class with so many people that impossible for them to touch and adjust me.
Even though i heard her saying or instruct me to rotate, to lift, and to move my body from certain joint and muscles, but still if no breakdown of the information and adjustment i believe most of the student will get injured. Just like me.
By realizing this, i start to choose where to practice, and choose and follow specific small classes that i like. in small classes the teacher will easily can see us and do immediate adjustment to avoid injury in long term practice.
To have knowledge of Anatomy i think is mandatory for all of yoga practicioner, especially yoga teacher. Even though yoga teacher and yoga instructors are not qualified to diagnose or to treat any ailment. At least We know how to avoid further injury and practice with some other option which are more safe. Under standing the mechanics of the body can help us determine the cause of common problems that the students normally experience.
Trough experiencing some confusion, and a lot of worry that i will hurt my self even more, it motivates me to climb and determain my self to join the yoga teacher training. Becasue i love yoga , and i am afraid that i can not do asana anymore if injury keep on coming.
And surprisingly, yes i get a lot more than what i tought on how to be safe in every asana. How to avoid lower back injury etc. but since i already injured my hamstring, from my previous reckless practice, i can not do much than try to except it.
By writing this , i hope that to all of the practitioner and teachers can be more aware to alarm the students to be safe in doing every poses. And to remind the students in every begining of the class to not competing with anyone, to focus on their self and love their body.
Gusbet Fitrian

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