Yoga Anatomy

Why is yoga anatomy important to a yoga teacher?
Understanding of yoga anatomy contain infinite potential to heal and prevent injury.
A an yoga teacher, you are an ambassador of yoga to the wider world, to the yoga-curious, to the medical community and others. The positive effects of the practice are visible to others in how you sustain and create optimal health in your own body mind and spirit. You will definitely be asked about injuries, and whether certain poses are safe. You will be communicating directly or indirectly via your students to medical providers.
Your students will ask for your advice after joint replacements, spinal surgeries, dislocated shoulders and pregnancies. Within your very yoga classes they might fall on their faces, force binds, or break toes in jump-backs. The unexpected is the inevitable. Your capacity to respond with grace, appropriate guidance and wisdom is optional.
Knowing anatomy is the foundation for physical safety. Lets all stay safe as we practice yoga.

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