Yoga – a way of life

For the past few years I have always been inquisitive about the world of yoga. This ancient form of unifying one’s self with the universe had fascinated me. There are endless videos and articles on the benefits of yoga on physical and mental health.

I slowly started my exploration by reading articles and then practising some yoga routines which are available on the web. While performing asanas I realised that yoga is not as easy as it looks on YouTube. But I continued. As months passed I started getting inconsistent with the routines and felt the need to learn yoga professionally. That’s when I joined the yoga training programme at Tirisula. When I began learning yoga from a master it opened a whole new perspective of looking at what yoga actually means.

The different asanas not only improve flexibility in the muscles but also help in increasing strength. I can share my example where I had acute shoulder pain after my first day of performing asanas at Tirisula. But by the second and third class, my shoulders opened up and I was able to do postures more easily. Through the classes I came to know that the presence of a coach helps in your motivation level of learning and performing asanas. These seemed impossible when I was trying alone.

Apart from physical training of asanas I also learnt the true meaning behind every posture and the role it plays in your anatomy. As we discussed about how yoga can change your life, I started learning more from the experiences shared by other students and the master. A true yogi finds happiness in life by practising yoga both physically and mentally. Yoga can stabilise mind, body and soul which helps one to lead a more fulfilling life. I saw masters who had given up their main stream jobs in order to learn and teach yoga. They are happy and more contended than they were earlier. At every step it’s more exciting to know more facts about the history of yoga and the role it plays in the human anatomy. 

One thing is clear to me that yoga is not like going to gym where you join for three to four months to shape your body or reduce weight. Yoga is a continuous activity which one must imbibe in life. Just like eating or breathing. Yoga is a journey and not the destination. Each day after I wake up I continue to do my breathing exercises and asanas. I can observe that I am slowly on a path which will lead to good changes, both mentally and physically and spiritually. I hope that I can not only learn and practice yoga, but make It a way of life.