Yoga. A technique of Self-awareness

Anyone can practice yoga. You just need a small amount of space and a strong desire for a healthier, more fulfilled life.
When I first began my practice, I was drawn to yoga as a way to keep my body supple and fit. However through the years, I had gained much more than what I initially wanted to achieve, in terms of spiritually and emotionally.
Yoga is not only about how well you do asana, how high you can jump, how far you can reach/stretch, how flexible you are, it is about bringing your mind and thoughts under control. If you can achieve that, then there is literally no limit to what you can do, since it is only our own illusions and preconceptions that hold us back and prevent us from fulfilling ourselves.
In order to bring your mind and thoughts under control, you must first still your mind to glimpse a state of inner peace.
In the Eight Limbs of Raja Yoga, one of the Niyama, Saucha, requires the cleanliness of the internal and external body. Purifying the mind is a difficult matter; it involves the clearing of old resentments, hurt, prejudice. Mental accumulation hinders clear thoughts and stops you from moving forward in life.
I was initially unable to still my mind because I had an extremely unresolved sorrow and regret that was continuously rewinding and repeating in my head. It took me a long while to respond to these strong emotions that I have. It not mean cowering away from life, but simply recognizing them and acknowledge the presence.  Yoga allows me to see things as they really are without being hindered by associate thoughts, seeing things as they are rather than what it seems. It helps me to live in the here and now; I control my own mind and thoughts. With each action that I take, be it in the yoga asana, or just strolling in the park, I immerse myself with the action.
I once asked a friend what happiness meant to her, and she said buying the latest limited edition branded bag, she feels happy when everyone compliments it….Few months later when the bag is old and on one really bothers, will she still be happy?
It is stupid to search for happiness. I believe happiness and peace lies within, experience it.

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