Yoga – a friend for life.

As we age, Our mind and body mostly misalign with the our physical and mental status. No two people age similarly . For example, one always feels amaze when you come across 70 year old man with 70 year old body and mind  compared to 70 year old man with 40 year old mind and body.

As one ages, the physical changes is inevitable and sometimes it makes most obvious and daily routine task more challenging. This may end up shaking one’s self confidence with lower flexibility , lower sense of balance , bones and joints movement limited.Some of the other common problems could be issues with digestive system, lack of proper lung functioning hence affecting breathing patterns. All this ultimately create obstacles in the proper functioning of the heart which could be recognised by disruption in daily living functions like missing of adequate sleep, mild depression, mood swings, and a decline in overall well-being.

The practice of yoga amongst elderly can bring about positive change in their  quality of life . The program created for this age group should combine simple stretches and modified yoga poses suiting to their need and support their spine . It should also be remembered that the practise for the elderly should include in massaging int he internal organs especially the digestive system and at least 15 min of pranayama should be added in a 60 min practice for helping to enhance the lung capacity and align the chakras.Conscious effort should be made to keep in mind the average age and fitness of the students with modifications to customise the sequence as per the bodily requirement of the aged group.