Yoga is 99% Practice And 1% Theory

In the practice of yoga before I just focus on asana, because I do not know more about pranayama, but after I learned in the TTC at Tirisula I know about the various types of breathing. As Ujjayi, Mula Bandha, Bestika, Brahmary. In the past I only know Anuloma Viloma (Alternate Nostril Breathing) Kapalabhati (Respiratory Cleansing) and Uddiyana Bandha.

As I’ve mentioned in My Journey that I’ve been practicing yoga and during the year I tried to practice respiratory called Uddiyana Bandha

But I never managed to do it, I don’t know what’s wrong with my practice, maybe because I’m using  the wrong muscle during practice so I always fail at that time.

But after a month I learned in the TTC finally i manage to do Uddiyana Bandha yess …!

Of course I’m happy because Uddiyana Bandha is not easy for me, and even for the yogis out there is not easy to perform Uddiyana Bandha, btw and the second are from Camel-Ustrasana  I was very afraid to drop my head into Kapotanasan and now I also can, so  yes…! again 🙂 although still not perfect, because my hand without help still can’t reach to my head,but that’s okay because in the future I will continue to practice, the most important thing i already know how to practice correctly.

First mont paining. Second month tired. third Month flying ~Sharath Jois.

Oh yes, I also dare to drop back to (Urdhva Dhanurasana) although I also still can not back up alone  hahaha …And more certainly that I have learned is not just a movement. also learned philosophy, Anatomy and when during lessons anatomy I really felt I was the biggest fool in the world, because when I went to school I did not learn anatomy, i have absolutely no backgroud anatomy but thanks to the teachers who are very professional they are very understanding with my situation, thank you.

In yoga we learn about ourselves, the deepest structures of the self. and this is my journey while studying at the ttc.

Thank you, namaste