“Yoga is not a Religion !!!”

Time goes by too fast. In a blink of an eye, I am now heading towards the fifth week of my teacher’s training. Only two weeks left before I finish the course. Thinking back to the first week, I doubted myself. Can I really go through with the whole course? Not only that the first week torture really was a whole lot of muscle ache, body pain and really a mental test for me. But apart from these so called “hardships”, I also gained a lot of new friends, learnt a lot of new stuff which regard to yoga or not related to yoga. Yoga is something that is superbly incredible to me. Never has it crossed my mind that yoga relates to our daily lives. Have you ever considered that yoga even teaches you how to deal with yourselves and others around you? Or have you even thought that the rebirth of humans can also be related to yoga?
It is true that this all depends on one’s beliefs, mentality and practice. But still, there are still others who cannot accept yoga. This happens when people mix up religion with everything. An example, I invited my aunt who is a Christian to try yoga. Her first question to me was “do you do meditation”. DUH !!!!! I mean, this is yoga that we’re talking about. Yoga is citta vritti nirodhad which mean stilling our minds by bringing us back to center. Her argument is that Christians cannot do any meditation as being a Christian it does not allow one to fully empty their mind. Reason being is that it contradicts with the teachings in Christian. I mean no disrespect but to me, I that “something” is beneficial to you, or to myself, I would definitely find a way for “it” to co-exist and practice it inline and together with my religion and beliefs (not that I have one). Religion is one thing but lifestyle and principles are another. Try not to mix everything up together (stereotype) and treat it as the same. Yoga is not a religion !!!!
Yoga helps us to understand our inner self through different techniques that include meditation, postures, breathing, focused awareness, and certain rules of behavior and conduct. Now then I feel that this six week worth of training is not enough for me. I want to learn more about yoga. So finally, I have decided to continue my teacher training up to the next level.

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