More Than Yoga!

‘I have to go!’ The whispering that always in my mind. That is why I am here, in the training.
And I gained more than that!
1. Self-awareness.
The first word that come to me on the first day of training. Yoga practice is about self-awareness. When you start to come back to yourself, understand how your body works, eventually you will find the way to get into correct allignment in every poses. The rising of self-awareness in yoga practice will definitely extends to self-awareness in other areas of your life too. I am experiencing it right now, I believe there are more to come.
2. Keep Breathing
Stay focus on your breathing. The spontaneous action to sustain living, is to keep breathing. Everytime I am fear, everytime I encounter stress, everytime my mind start to swing away, I practice yoga breathing. It brings back my mind to the present, to be gratitude of what I have now, and keep going.
3. Grounding
Ground your feet, engage your muscles, stand tall like a string pulling you upwards. I did not stand properly?! Yes, I did not know there are so much to learn about the Mountain Pose. The foundation of all standing poses. The feeling of drawing the energy from the earth to all over your body, ground yourself and stand tall, open up your chest, gazing at a still point in front of you. There are so much fun and benefits brought about by just standing in correct alignment. It brings you the amazing feeling of the energy , the power, and raise your confidence level in everything you do in your life onwards.
4. Limitless
What you fear most, is what you need most. I am not active in sports. I cannot do  forward bending, I am weak at core works! I cannot do headstands and backbending before this. Yet I realised, I need them the most! ‘You will get used to the pain.’ Just keep working on it. Yes, do not limit your thoughts, and do not restrict your capabilities of going more than what you can do now. You are more than what you think! I am still working hard on it……..
5. Take control of yourself
Control your muscles! Control your body movement, so smoothly and so gracefully.  As if you are so in control of everything in your life.
6. Be present
You cannot change the past, they were over. You cannot predict the future, they are out of your control. The only you can take charge is to live at present, appreciate what is in your hand. Tomorrow is the outcome of today. So begin to treasure ‘now’, and work hard ‘now’, let tomorrow, the future, and your dreams come by itself, so naturally.
7. Take your modification
There is always alternative ways to practice to achieve the final pose. Open up your mind to all possibilities. You can achieve greater than what you think!
There are more than mentioned! You have to experience it on your own!

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