What is yoga for me

Yoga is related to life and living .it difficult to say it with only one aspect of life.It include physical ,
Mental, intellectual etc and involved in different ways.
1) Physical
Yes, through constant Asana practice with right alignment, it not only makes our body structural nicer, with
physical training and rhythmic breathing to bring flexibility and strength to our body.Creat awareness of our body,
love our body. In certain point, it helps to improve my confidence, bring this kind of positive confidence into
working life and other family or friend relation ship, will attract the same positive energy people arund you, to
uplift you !
2) Mental
Yoga is not only pysical exercise, and with combination of right feeling and right attitudes,
Only if you have right attitude in that moment, you can make a right choice for your daily life. Believe in cause and effect, nothing right and wrong , live in peace.
Life is all about choices ! Example How long do you wanna hold in plank position ? we can only control our physical body if controlling our emotion, don’t you agree ?
Of cause there are many more about yoga, even up to spiritual level. At my age , with my current yoga and life
expericene , above is the major two points i wanna focus on at this stage, to control external and internal sense.
itual leve. There is a day i can share more about moral and spiritual thoughts, only when i have them.
Knowledege in not enough , we must apply!
Willing is not ebough , we must do !

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