Why Yoga ?

This might be you bed time story , but this is  base on my experience.

Came to Singapore 2004, got pregnant like any other housewife. Oneday I saw banner near my house about yoga. I always like exercise its not something new for me. Long story – short story, so I joined the non-profit organization to be yoga instructor until now its been 8 year. During those years, there was up and down  and doubt base on my belief whether am I betrayed my God or not. Yet, I was still practice it all the asana and pranayama, mudra, meditation, chanting the Gayatri mantra.  I even didn’t  eat meat because I was practising  yoga. From all the things that fighting inside of me, I feel grounded and relax. I don’t sweat the small stuff, just easy for to digest.

I had my biggest down moment when I found out that my mom was sick with breast cancer stage 4. I can’t even concentrated on my meditation. So I allowed myself to relax for a while. I didn’t practice yoga regularly like I used to. Honestly, I loose control over my mind and my body. Then my mom died. After 10 months she died then my dad died. I was completely fall down and sinking. There was a time when I felt I have to do something , that make my both parents happy to see me happy. Just like what my dad said that I should do what ever I like that make me happy, be who I am without worrying what other people said”.

So I called my friend, I told him that I want to take instructor class (I don’t have certificate during volunteer) to get certificate cause I want to earn  from something that make me happy and he agreed to support me.

Here I am almost finishing my course, hopefully I pass with my exams and be certified yoga instructor. I am pretty much sure my parents are happy to watch me what I do now.



By Dwi.  



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