What is yoga?


Before I started on the yoga instructor classes, I asked myself “What is Yoga?”. As I later learned, “Yoga, in Sanskrit used to be called yoji, which means to connect, combine and so on.” Some people will also say that “yoga is the unity of body and mind”, and that “yoga is a kind of practice, where you can control the fluctuation of the heart” So what is yoga exactly? Why does everybody have a different view?

When I just started I thought yoga is for healthy people to practice, or to correct posture. After a period of time, I start to accept that yoga is a way of life, because you learn to accept, overcome, initiate, or abandon.

I have also heard that “your degree of yoga practice depends on the attitude which you have with your closest relationships”. This message eluded me for a long time – what kind of attitude do I have with my closest relationships, for example, with my parents, with love, with my children? I can not teach my closest relationships yoga, as I do not have enough patience. As I work outside and face customers and students, I do not have enough patience at home to deal with these relationships. Sometimes I am so tired I do not even want to say a word. How to deal with intimate relationships is worthy of lifelong.

In fact, as I observe my own feelings towards yoga, I reflected, isn’t this what yoga is? Yoga is just how you feel about it in the moment.

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