What is yoga

What Is Yoga ?

Everyone thinks yoga is only for the young and flexible. But it is indeed not true. Yoga begins at any age and any stage of your life. yoga is a combination of meditation, pranayama and asanas. These benefits your way of life and you can change your life by practicing yoga. Yoga is going to change your life so much.

Meditation is one of hardest for some people to achieve. It requires calmness and stillness. slowly increase your meditation period from 5min to 10min to 15 min and gradually increase each day. meditation has so many beautiful benefits to the mind and soul such as making you stay focus, clears your mind to prepare you difficult times in your life, reduces blood pressure, and also increases your life span too. When you are in a stressful situation, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and get to meditation state.

Pranayama gives you peace of mind and makes life more meaningful. Yogic breathing is from the thoracic area. Yogic breathing detoxifies the body system and removes toxins out of your body. Yogic breathing brings you to a mode of relaxation and also help you attain concentration mode to get into asanas easier. Besides that, when you are stress, yoga breathing calms you down. For example the Nadi Shoddhana, Anuloma Viloma, Uddiyana Bandha, Deep Breathing.

Asanas is also part of yoga. All you need is a mat and yoga is free. You can do yoga anywhere and it has so many benefits. asanas are low impact workout, yet strengthen and stretches your arms, legs, back, glutes. It also increases your flexibility and strength. there are various stages, beginners, intermediate and advance level. Lastly, Asanas also increases energy and flow of prana throughout the body.


Meditation + Pranayama + Asanas = YOGA

Of course with yogic diet your body will then be super complete.


Venalie Tan (200hr Yoga Teacher Training)

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