Yoga and me

When I first learned swimming three years ago, the first swimming style I learned is breaststroke. My arms movement is correct and I can do the frog kick well. But I can only did each of it separately. When I was asked to combine these movements together and swim forward, I can only did it right for the first stroke. It went wrong thereafter and I can only swim for maximum four strokes because I have problem coordinating my arms, legs, head and breathe. I was stuck there for weeks and became very demoralized. I thought I could never get through it. Until one day before my swimming lesson, I was thinking maybe a yoga practice can help. That evening I did an hour of yoga practice watching youtube video clip and I feel good after the practice. The next morning, miracle happened. I got everything correct and I can swim across the learning pool!! I was thrilled and grateful that I had finally made it. Since then, I have more faith in yoga.
But what makes me wanted to make it as my career is what I have seen in my daily life. As a homemaker, I go marketing at the neighbourhood market very often and I have seen many elderly around the neighbourhood. Many of them have walking difficulties or spinal problem. I had seen an old lady with serious hunchback problem. She is bending her body all the time because of her back problem. Her face is facing down to the floor when she is standing. She has to stop every few steps she moves because she needs to lift up her head to check what is ahead. I was very sad to see this.
Some of the elderly are very lonely. There is another old lady with walking stick always standing at the same spot every morning and waiting for someone she knew passing by to greet her or chit-chat with her. Despite all these, few years ago, I met an old lady at the community garden that really impressed me. She was in her 80s and she still do farming work. She can tilt the soil better than me who is only 30s. She could squat to clear the weeds and went to farm twice daily to do her chores. She was strong and healthy. I know this is what I want to be when I’m old – be healthy and with an interest to keep me preoccupied.
Hence, I’m looking for a career that I love to do, keep me stay healthy and can stay in until the end of my life. If I’m going to die at old age, I want to work till the day I die. Yes, that means no retirement for me and yoga teacher is my answer! Besides, I wish to help more people and hope more people can enjoy their life in the healthy way too.  🙂
She Hui (200hrs YTTC Weekend)

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