Yoga and me

As year passes, the popularity of yoga increases. Due to some family financial issues, I did not have the chance to start at an earlier stage (which i always wanted to give it a try). Until 2013 when everything becomes better, I tell myself that i should love myself more and do something that interest me. I pondered on what should I do and where should i start from. Yoga kicks into my mind when the day my friend ask me to join her. Initially, yoga to me its all about relaxing and meditation. My impression of yoga changes from the day start to practice it.
Yoga is just like another form of indoor sports that makes you sweat. Personally, I feel the only difference is the after effects of yoga. Each time after yoga I will feel the undescribeable lightness in me.
Besides loving the after effect of performing yoga, I am also in love with the alone moment on the mat. This is when i can spent time with myself, develop body awareness and push myself a little more each day. Doing yoga is not to catch up with the trend. Practicing yoga is to constantly walking along the path of self-discovery, self-reflection and self-improvement.
Adeline/ Jan 2016 TTC (weekend)

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