What is yoga ?

What is yoga? The normal understanding would be doing the postures correctly with the right alignments. This is wrong !!! Initially this was what I thought about yoga too. But after I started and attended the yoga teacher’s training in Tirisula yoga, I now understand that yoga is not all about posture. Yoga is a lifestyle, it enables us to understand ourselves better through the unity of mind, body and soul. In the end, when you actually understand what yoga is about, you would know that yoga is practiced not to show how good you are in maintaining a certain posture, not to show how flexible you are but it is to let you, yourself understand yourself even better.
Saying so, just to delve more into asana. I can admit that it is indeed addictive. I, myself  am not excluded. Whenever I come across a certain pose which have a certain degree of difficulty, I feel challenged. I would put more effort in research and practice and whe. n I am able to do it almost perfectly or to my satisfaction. I feel as if I accomplished something, an achievement. But if you are able to fully experience the learning process in a certain posture (or as we call it “surrender your ego”), practicing and over and over, learning step by step, in the end the posture which requires your entire effort would gradually become effortless. Let have a look at the true meaning of asana, in Sanskrit, it is written as sthira sukham asanam. It means that an asana should be motionless, steady with regulated breathing and it will in turn lead to a steady mind without pain or suffering. It the asana is uncomfortable, the mind will become impatient, thus leading the person to push themselves even harder just in order to achieve the prefect asana.
When this is applied to our daily lives, you would be able to solve and overcome obstacle that you encounter with a clear mind and rational thinking. Just as an asana should be motionless and steady with regulated breathing. Tou would overcome problem, conflicts and even arguments with a clear mind theoy and emotions. You would overcome problem, conflict and even arguments with a clear mind and emotions.

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