Yama – Brahmacharya

Brahmacharya to my understanding has two meanings, one: celibacy or chastity (sensual activities that deplete psychic energy) & two: control of senses which is more of what I will discuss within this text.
Whilst I’m undertaking a new chapter of my life & gaining further understanding of the mind and body I need to know what influences my strengths & weaknesses. I have for the most part been a clean eater & to this point it has almost been enough. I can’t say I’ve ever had great self-control, which could be what this new chapter is about, but I have always had the right intention & made the effort. For this journey I have decided to be vegetarian (flexible vegetarian, I’m still going to be eating fish). As much as I love the taste, smell & yes even look of red meat & chicken (dishes) I need to move away from this to feel some sort of enlightenment/cleansing & freedom from what is possibly holding me back. I need to be released from my cravings which are driven & controlled by my senses.
I’ve known for some time that some foods can make me feel but because of the smell drawing me in to have a look, tantalising me even more to taste & once tasted to continue the indulgence.
On this journey, I aim to practice vegetarianism to the best of my ability, which will hopefully bring me more energy, in both the physical & mental sense. Physical cravings draining on my strength, which in turn can play a large part on the mind. Mental from either giving in or suppressing, consuming my conscious & sometimes subconscious mind.
This will endeavour to improve my will power, furthering the conservation of energy, thought power & self-discipline. As stated on www.centreyoga.com/brahmacharya “Self-control as meant by Brahmacharaya brings healthy relationships into your life”. This I believe can be both with other people, with food or the world in general.
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