Yama –Aparigraha

There are eight limbs form the basis of Ashtanga Yoga practices that guides yogis to Samadhi  : Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi. . I will be only sharing one of the characteristics in Yama, Aparigraha. If you are interested to read the rest, you can open below link :
What is Aparigraha?
It is non-possession of anything that gives suffering for someone, abstension from greed, and non-possessiveness.
A good example is in relationship life, it can be with your couple, partners, friends, siblings or even parents. Have you ever seen one couple where the man is too possessive and do not let his girlfriend hanging out with their friends? Have you ever seen parents who keep asking their children to study at home and do not let them to play? Have you ever seen the husband is not allowed by her wife to discuss business with another female partner in a restaurant?
All of these examples are possession that gives suffering to other people. We do not realize that people are so selfish and keep protecting their own feelings and desire without thinking others’. I have seen some cases especially in love relationship. It is either the man or woman, there is one who will be very possessive who do not allow the other to do the things they like. However, I also have seen some cases that both the man and woman are practicing Aparigraha. The man and woman do not act as obstruction of both outside life. Meaning, both of them can still do what they want and still keep maintaining their relationship. For instance, they can hang out with their friends separately without having an argument. I know that this requires mutual trust, but don’t you think this kind of life is more peaceful?
How if he / she cheats on me? – If he/she does so, then he/she does not belong to you and you are lucky enough to know it now
Be non-possessive and you will not feel suffered, so do your partner.
Jessica Novia (200 hr YTT Weekend Class Aug ‘15)

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