Yama – Ahimsa

Ahimsa – non violence, being non-injurious and transforms to love of all. I was surprised to find out from our Master that it is not only from an action perspective when in fact, its the intention behind everything. Ahimsa is very simply the state you are in when there is no violence you. No violence inside, no violence come out.
Such simple but yet far from reach mental and physical state for me…The more I study into Yama, the more layers of understanding appear and I am deeply appreciative for such enlightening teachings by our Master at Tirisula Yoga 200Hrs TTC. When I’m with family or friends now who are not educated in Ahimsa, my thoughts do not judge or think bad of them. I have realized their true Self does not mean to harm, it’s just their physical mind is not ready at this point in their evolution and so I feel compassion for them.
Previously, I do have the tendency to engage in conversation whether I like it or not just to make sure I keep engaging with my friends and look sociable. So much so that if conversations become stagnant, I have to find topics to keep the networking going. Sometimes, words that comes out might not sound right and it may in return hurt the other party or I find myself being silly talking about the topic and at times it comes to an awkward situation. Words can be very powerful and life changing in both a positive and negative way. I feel it is a good practice to keep my words to a minimum and positive and uplifting in nature. I have started to tell myself that if I do not have anything good to say then this is a good time to practice TAPAS in silence.
I am still learning from my Yoga Masters to eradicate negative traits and to bring more compassion into my life by practicing Ahimsa. Through a steady and consistent practice this can be mastered and then applied towards all Yamas and Niyamas.
Student, Jenny Yeng

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