My yoga journey to find “inner peace”

Yoga – clear your head from thoughts. Pretty impressive and unreal.

As the modern human being has a fast life due to globalisation, technology, very busy and long days at work, complex relationships and multiple daily life hassles, our mind systematically work from the moment we open the eyes till the moment we close them. Sometimes, the mind continues working and thinking even during our sleep. So how is this possible? can we really shut down our mind? even for a few minutes?

Well, this is what brought me to start my yoga journey. Find the inner peace within me. Be able to clear my head from thoughts. Not because I wanted to create a space between my current life and myself, but instead of that I wanted to be able to embrace it fully and completely. I do believe that when you acquire such agility in the mind which is most of the time supported by an agility and flexibility in the body, you will be able to control your emotions hence make better decisions. Also, it would enable you to improve your day-to-day life by being more relaxed and at the same time focused when necessary. So how can we achieve this practice? What is the secret?

One day, my yoga teacher told me that “if you want to be happy, you should be detached. Then you will find yourself and your inner peace”.  This is so impactful and at the same time so subjective. Let’s dig more.

Happy – what did he meant by happy? because happiness itself is so complicated and varies from one person to another. However, we can all agree that being happy is having this feeling of satisfaction, peace, and joy most of the time in a single day.

Detached – this one is complicated too and even delicate as it is related to other people surrounding us. Detachment is achieved by giving up everything but yourself. This includes material things and non-material ones such as people around us. How this could be possible? This is completely the opposite of my yoga journey objective which is to embrace fully my current life in order to make it better. In one second, my motherhood instinct woke up and kept telling me that I cannot and will not be detached towards my child. I do not want to give up on him. That would make me very sad instead of happy. So, what is wrong here? Maybe I missed something. Then, I looked on the internet for the definition of “detachment”. According to Google detachment is “the state of being objective or aloof”. There are different types of detachment: scientific, professional, emotional, and material… Maybe I refuse it, or I am not ready yet to practice a complete detachment. Consequently, this would mean that I would not be able to achieve a full inner peace. Am I ok with partial inner peace? Is this even possible? I do not know as I am in the beginning of my journey.

Not sure, but I assume that the message behind such statement is that once you give up everything and you find yourself you would be able to embrace your life again in a better way. The process to reach that point is supposed to be painful and full of sacrifices. Am I ready for such sacrifices? I guess so. But not all of them. Let us see how it goes. How about you?